Breaking the norm.



What is Kuki?

Kuki is a #streetstyle brand - born on the streets of London.  

Founded in 2016 by Nico Costas [Instagram] & Eden Tarn [Instagram].

_We encourage global creativity

_We promote self expression

_We engage with our community

_We speak your language

_We are unisex

_We work oustside of boundaries

_We experiment with different mediums

_We are urban adventurers

_We are opinionated

_We are Kuki




[ Creative Director ] 

The person on the end of every post, every phone call and message.

If you’ve spoken to Kuki you will have been speaking to Nico. 

He is the face of the company and drives the brand forward with the themes and concepts for designs and collections. 

The social butterfly of the Kuki gang, you will find him staring longingly at his phone for hours on end.




[ Managing Director ] 

Eden often refers to himself as the ‘Kuki engine’.

With an insatiable work ethic and an arsenal of design skills at his disposal, Eden is the man to go to when you need to get something done! 

Eden organises the Kuki team managing to bring method to the madness that is Kuki branded content. 






空気_Kūki : Air

空_ : Void, those things that are composed of pure energy.

気_Ki : Air, atmosphere, flavour; heart; mind, spirit, feelings, humour.


KUKI = KOOKY: “Strange in his or her appearance or behaviour, especially in a way that is _interesting





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