About Kuki

What is Kuki?

Kuki is a London-based creative design house with a Japanese twist.

Founded by Nico Constantinou & Eden Tarn in 2016, Kuki focuses on designing and producing high-quality apparel, accessories and visual content for the modern-day streetwear enthusiast and recreational gamer.

Over the past 3 years Kuki has earned a reputation for executing highly creative and immersive pop-up retail experiences in London.

Kuki has worked extensively with large established brands across the clothing, technology and advertising industries. These collaborations, in addition to consistent product releases, have cemented Kuki’s reputation within the gaming & streetwear communities.

Furthermore, Kuki offer a range of creative content services ranging from video production to photography, styling, studio hire and everything in between.



Who are the Kuki founders?

Nico Constantinou & Eden Tarn