West Coast Is Da Best

kuki la

Mint, vomit, crying babies and industrial cleaning products. Well, that's what I think of when I think about airports. Doesn't matter.

We’re going to LA.

Does anyone else’s ears hurt when the plane descends?

Been a long time coming, planning this one for a little over a year now. But its all booked, it's legit, no lies. We actually followed through with it.

We are flying out to LAX in the hope to see if we can grow the business more overseas. As much as the love from London has been real, and kept us rushed off our feet for a little under 3 years.

Having spent a little time on the east coast of America, I have developed a love from all things NYC. The culture, the swag, the similarities of London, just on a bigger scale. However, California is like where people aspire to go to, live heaven, just with a bit more plastic surgery and some devilish lifestyles.

The Cali life.

Sun, Money, Celebrities.

Everyone wants to go to Hollywood. I think Cali will have a lot to offer us. 

We are going to explore this gaming market a bit more. Gaming is soon to be the biggest eSport out here, with no sight of slowing down. This year I ideally want to make some good progress in designing a new game. This could be interesting.

I don't really know anyone that's up for making games. Maybe I just miss playtime.

We’re going to connect with a few people and companies of interest over the pond, who will help give us the hook up for the underground Kuki scene. I’m really looking forward to getting out this country.

Like most entrepreneurs, I think little of holidays, would rather crack on with some work instead of spunking my hard earned cash on some expensive flights and hotel costs. Anyways I digress.  

Will it feel like the movies? Glossy life, street to street?

I duno, I'm just looking forward to getting a small 4x4 or as the Americans say ‘SUV’, and going on a few adventures busting out some Grime and West Coast Rap.

Breaking into the American market is a hard task, which will require much more planning and trips.

This is the first of many I hope. Let’s see how far we get. I don't want to give too much away, so I'm going to leave it there. Leave something exciting to surprise you guys with in the future.

And until next time, peace out & stay kuki.


Sunday the Twentieth of January Two Thousand Nineteen

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