Skate and chill with @westsidricke

Link Up with @westsidericke for a skate and chill around London.

This week I linked up with the charming yet goofy skateboard enthusiast @westidericke.

We were out and about shooting some teaser promo video content for the Kuki Winter collection getting to know Ricky and his favourite London skate spots.

The first time I met Ricky I knew we had to make some Kuki content. He rolled into a freestyle music video I was shooting with green tinted hair a vintage Yamaha bikers jacket whilst effortlessly skating into frame sipping some sort of saucy syrup.

We met at the back of Great Portland Street station. He immediately took me over to his first spot – a corporate office buildings architectural vent shaft that he used as his training ground for flips and tricks.

Ricky is the last guy to get embarrassed about stacking a trick – and fair play he was skating in a fat ass Kuki puffer jacket on some ancient trucks attached to one of the first ever Kuki boards we made. He still managed to swag it out!

Ricky is the sort of guy you need as a hook up if you're a skater in London. He knew the exact time the security guard would come and halt us shooting, and he was right on the money within 20mins of cruising around the spot – we were politely asked to stop and leave, a classic for any Kuki shoot. I think this takes our tally to 7 “please can you stop what your doing”.

My internal response is – WE WILL NEVER STOP BEING KUKI.

So we quickly moved on to the next spot a short 8-minute cruise on the cobbled and gappy pavestones of London's commercial heart, Oxford and Carnaby Street.

We linked up with our favourite streetwear chick - @chloeronaUk for a collaborative chill in the courtyards of one of Ricky’s undisclosed spots at the back of Carnaby. Ricky and Chloe quickly hit it off with their mutual interest in music, and Londons underground scene, getting together to take some wavy shots in the courtyard incredible white staircase, a photographers playground!

With a quick skkrrt through Bond street stations indoor shopping mall, we finally ollied and cruised up to Cavendish square gardens for some goofy portraits. Nothing feels better than ending the day being silly, and Ricky plays the part perfectly.

Live, love and be Kuki!

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