Party Party Party

We’re throwing another mad event to celebrate the launch of our AW1819 collection.

kuki shirt

We’re back in action again.

Its been a year since we last put on an event or a pop-up and this one should be the biggest and maddest we’ve ever done.

The whole point of this event is to unapologetically continue to show the public the progress of the company.  We’ve been blessed enough to take Kuki to the next level this year and we want to celebrate it will all our friends, family and fans.

From opening our first studio in Dalston to now having a full cut and sew collection, this year is making history for the company. Excited to show the world what’s been happening over the last year.  We’ve been a bit quiet recently, but its all been worth it.  Now we’re back like a raging bull.  All we see is red. Might want to move out our way, we’re not going down without a fight.

Our event is going to be at 58-60 Rivington Street on 16th November and is guna be lively.  The public will get to shop our latest collection (with a small discount coz we’re nice like that), play some retro games, skank to some mad talented musicians and DJs as well as having a little sip sip.

The journey for Kuki is not written in stone, we are an organic company so I hope that the next time we appear in front of people we shock and awe, we’re starting to get a reputation like that.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

This shit never changes.

One day to show the world what you’ve been doing in the last 6 months is a tall order.  From the press, PR to influencers and models we have a bunch of industry professionals who will be critiquing everything.  We have to be on point.  That’s why I'm nervous, it’s a part of us.

Eden and I are Kuki, we birthed this company so what people see is an extension of our personality.  Something we struggled in the past putting into words, now we have a safe place to be as introverted or extraverted as we want. It’s a big day for us.

I’m proud of my team for dealing with our stresses and remaining loyal and helping to get this shit done as quickly and efficiently as any big company would.

Once again I am blessed to be part of this company. Everyone that’s been on our journey with us from the start know we started with a sharpie pen and a skateboard, now we have a studio. So thank you for the support.

We wouldn’t be here without you.


If you haven’t already got your ticket, click the link below and join the madness next week.

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