Probably one of the weirdest weeks for the Kuki team. Going back to our secondary school and shooting a campaign there as well as trying to take our company to the next level.

This week was about journeys. Where weve come from. Where were going.

Nostalgia is a weird thing, bringing back those sick feelings in all shapes and forms, from the smells of the hallways to our old art classroom. Bumping into our old art teachers and explaining how our journey after school led us back there was profound.

We never thoughts wed be back, but  hey guess thats how it goes.

There is a lot I want to say, but I struggle with words, guess thats why Ive put an image together that sums up my week. Maybe you will understand it... maybe you wont.

Im not really sure if I do.

kuki nostalgia

Monday the Twenty-seventh of August Two Thousand Eighteen

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