Party Recap

We went in hard this time. Bigger and badder than ever.

If you came and didn’t have a good time, I have no words for you, you clearly weren’t at the same event.

AW1819 “SUSPENDED” Collection Launch Party Recap 16/11/18

kuki event

Throwing a launch party was no easy task, harder after the rep we’ve built over the past 3 years of throwing a ‘shin-dig’. The day was laced, dripped and smothered in Kuki. You couldn’t get away from us even if you tried that day.

Kuki came to show what we’ve been working on this year and the public showed their support in the best possible way.

After weeks of 20 hour days and restless power naps we were set up for one of the biggest days of our little career. Eden and myself have gone full time with Kuki now, so there was no excuse if we didn’t execute this event well. Pulling in favours left right center to help build this event up was no easy task. No one wants to give something for nothing. However with Kuki, we managed to get a ridiculous amount of unconditional help which we appreciate more than you know.

You know who you are, we love you.

I couldn’t have asked for a more polite bunch of hoodlums which were in our care for that night. Even when the council and police came to warn us to close the windows and turn down the base, everyone worked together for 10 minutes until the pigs left and then continued hard til the end of the night. That’s what family’s all about.

I’m going to thank all our partners now so that I don’t forget! Ignore the long list, they were the best companies and individuals we’ve managed to work with to date. Benteki, Bosco Del Merlo, CanO Water, Cargo London, Genie Events, Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, Junior Ngoma, Lexi Mase, Pops, Reztron, SBG Events London, $KINNY MALON£ x XXXGVNG & TRP.HSE. These were the building blocks for the whole day. From drinks and music, to the furniture and retro gaming, we managed to work together to give the public a kuki experience like no other.

Thank you to all the photographers and videographers who helped make the visuals banging too. Special mentions go out to Andi (@andion35mm), Mukesh (@muxphotos) & Nocky (@nockyyshoots).

Please see below all the hard work they’ve put together and if you were capturered in any photos, tag us, as well as them in the pics. Credits init.

I'm exhausted. Think that means we worked hard. 

Hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did. To everyone that came, bought, drank, skanked, thanks for bringing the energy, it was enough to keep me sober til after midnight.

One of my best friends said that we brought the culture, and as arrogant as it sounds - I know we did. I'm proud, like really proud. Couldn’t have gone any better.

Until next time. Stay Kuki


Friday the Thirtieth of November Two Thousand Eighteen

Nocky @nockyyshoots

Andi @andion35mm



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