Air Jordan, Samsung & Gambino - Weekly Inspiration #3

Another week. More inspiration.

In this version of our weekly updates, we got some great stuff from a variety of areas, including:

  • Tech
  • Music
  • Entertainment

We are really getting into a flow with these inspirations, so if you haven’t already feel free to go check out our previous two - week #1, week #2.

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We start off with fashion.

And we’re loving the launch of this PSG exclusive Air Jordan 1. We’d love to hear your thoughts, make sure to drop a comment below.



Read more over on Hypebeast.


    This week it’s all about Samsung vs Apple in this cheeky video:

    Read the full article from High Snobiety.

    Also, if you were wondering about how you were going to create a $4,600 Tesla/ iPhone X, look no further.

    Your [ambitious] wants are here. Go and check out this gold beauty.



    Moving onto music, and you will be happy to know that Kanye isn’t present this week.


    Our first article is that YouTube [that cat video site], has now started a music streaming service. If you want to hear more about it - here you go.

    Next - Childish Gambino.



    Learn why Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' soared to 85.3 Million views.

    Other website:


    Now we’ve got the stuff you want to see.

    First of all, the Netflix [no chill]:

    New Docuseries ‘Evil Genius’ Tells the True-Crime Story of the Pizza Bomber

    And there is also the matter of Deadpool, and the genius movie posters they are creating. Check out these covers in Walmart: 

    HT / BoredPanda


    Some of our inspiration:






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